What's Your Word For 2017? ✍


I got harmony, passion, and adventure. My personal word I would chose is accepting. This is because in 2017 I want to accept the things I cannot change. Like my dad not caring, my mom not helping and stressing me out, my struggle in school, and everything else. But I want to improve as well so I want to be accepting not complacent.


Harmony, kisses and friends! I hope this is true, cause I’m lacking in the latter :joy:


Adventure, honest, kisses - Adventure excites me for what’s yet to come in 2017. :grinning:


i got harmony, experience ,laughter,


My word: Gratitude


adventure party experience




the other word i’m going to choose is: realisation


I got harmony, music and kisses


I just found harmony


oooooooh… girl, GET. YOU. SOME. :joy::joy:


Mine’s probably a bit unorthodox, but oh well :blush:

My word is “Timshel”

It means “Thou mayest” or “You can” in Hebrew. Basically, Timshel means I have the power of choice or free will.

Even though it doesn’t really describe an emotion, per say, I think it encompasses my values for 2017 really well. I have the ability to choose what I want this year to look like, I can choose what to do or not do in order to make myself better, and I control what happens in my life. I excercise the choice I have in order to create the life I want.


This will be the crown jewel of 2017. Thank you, CaitrinPTX. :wink:


I got faith, happiness, and intelligence. My word is adventurous. I felt like all of my life I have really only stayed in my comfort zone and this year I want to explore and try new things.


Determination because I need my focus to be better.


I don’t know, you wanna do this for 2019?




Worship, wisdom, and love


Wine, alcohol and money lmao


Wine, happiness, and naked lmbo :joy::joy::ok_hand:t3: