What's Your Word For 2017? āœ


Naked? Okay!


I :heart: Madilyn Bailey



Same here!


I love that!! My word for the year is more. I want to always remember that I have more value than I think. That God has more love than I can imagine. That I can do more. That I have more strength. More value. More hope. I want to read more. Love more. Trust more. And grow more.


Awww, Katie!!! :sob: :two_hearts:


Instead of making the first three words I see omens for 2019, Iā€™m going to make the first three words that inspire me omens for 2019.

Reach: Iā€™m going to do everything I can to the best of my ability and chase my dreams so I can reach them!

Happiness: despite the negativity in the world Iā€™m going to smile and live my life with cheerfulness in my heart.

Love: Iā€™m going to love everyone and everything in my life because somewhere there is good in it.


Looove!!! :sob: :two_hearts: