Wheres my Orlando people at (aka my PTX @ WDW story)


PTX is at Disney World today so I’m on interstate four literally headed there right now


Have fun!!! Good luck! Wish I could go but don’t have Disney passes :joy:


You can do it!!get your Kirstin hug!!




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So…I did meet them. Sadly it wasn’t the way I wanted, but it did turn out kinda well.

I parked at the Magic Kingdom and they were at Animal Kingdom when I arrived in the parking lot. I took a bus to Animal Kingdom only to find they just left and went to Hollywood Studios. I waited for that bus and luckily it wasn’t long.

I saw them when they were leaving Sunset Boulevard after getting off the Tower of Terror and headed to Toy Story Land. They were a huge group of about 12-15 (20?) people as part of a VIP experience.

They went on Slinky Dog Dash and I captured their ride car in slow-motion here and here. They got off of that and I tried to get Kevin’s attention but he didn’t see.

They then went on Toy Story Mania (3D shooting game) and while they rode, I went and bought 4 waters (Mitch wasn’t in the park) to give to them when they exited the ride.

Scott, Kirstin, and Matt gladly took them and loved it and also thanked me, but Kevin declined and thanked me anyway. I think his manager/bodyguard took it instead?

So, no hugs or photos, sadly. Just hydration. Music is good for the soul and so is water I guess :joy:


Sounds like an eventful day! Yay for providing hydration


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i’m not jealous at all…




Happiest place on Earth. :blush:


Also right before I left the park I stood here for about 20 minutes


The feels :cry::sob::sob::sob: R.I.P. jerstie


So jealous!! You look very happy :smiley:


Guess who’s going to Disney World this weekend!! No PTX there but it’s been so long since I actually went in the parks so I’m excited!


Did they recognize you from previous meets?


Scenario: One (or 5) famous person(s). A music producer who is currently on a day-long vacation after 2 US and a world tour.