Who is your favourite member of Pentatonix?


Just want to know… :wink:
I like them all, but I have two favourites: Scott and - of course - Kirstie.



I think Scott and Mitch. Oh and Kirstie. Oh and also Avi. Plus Kevin. Basically all of them😂



Hmmm probably Mitch because I love the kinds of notes he can hit. But I really love all of them XD lol



Haha, yeah! :joy: I can understand



I like them all! But, if I had to choose, it would be Avi. He’s my favorite because he’s from my area, like we literally grew up 40 something miles apart from each other.

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Mitch: HIT THAT HIGH NOTE plus he’s gay (I’m pan)
Scott: Bae goals :two_hearts: plus he’s gay
Kirstie: Her voice is so powerful
Kevin: How the heck is that even possible TEACH ME YOUR WAYS
Avi: Omg that bass tho

So basically all of them



All of them!! But if I had to choose, it would either be Kirstin or Mitch! I instantly feel in love with their voices the first time I heard them sing. And Mitch’s high notes are unbelievable!! :heart_eyes:

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Avi is definitely my favorite. He’s so real down to earth on everything he does. The type of man that he is, is the type of man that I strive to be.



I love them all equally, but my two favorites are Avi and Scott. I love Avi because he’s such a unique person, inside and out, and his voice is one of the lowest voices I’ve ever heard! I love Scott because his personality is just so cute and the way he interacts with the fans is just so amazing :heart:️:heart:️



Mitch because he has helped me through so much when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity plus his vocals are out of this world! I love them all and look up to them like crazy though and I can’t wait to meet them for the first time next week!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:



Kirstin and Avi :slight_smile: Kirstin just has an amazing voice, and she always has my favorite parts, and I love how she stays in touch with fans and is inspiring. Avi because he inspired me (I’m a bass) to start my own acapella group. And he’s… avi :smile:



Kirstie is probably my overall favorite. Mitch might have my favorite voice, but that is a tough call. I think Avi seems like a really nice person, and Kevin seems like he would be a great friend. Scott seems so cool to be around. I really like pentatonix together, as one unit, because they are all my favorite.



Sorry Kirstie but I love Mitch and Avi for opposite reasons. They are my favorites.



[I was gonna write just a sentence but I got into it and starting writing a novel. It’s really disorganized and cheesy but it’s my genuine thoughts about them.]

I don’t have a favorite, but I have ones that I focus more attention towards in different ways.

I love Mitch’s personality and confidence. Whenever I see someone compliment him or if he’s confident, I just feel warm inside because he’s just so precious to me; it’s like he’s my child (I have that connection to him even though I’ve never met him; yet). I love his witty jokes and how all of the group respects him as a person and a musician. I can’t relate to his humor because i’m awkwardly unfunny in real life, but I can always “take” jokes from him (or in other words, steal). His singing ability impresses me every single time; from his high notes, riffs, and just his basic capability of his voice.

I love Kirstin’s friendliness. Whenever I see her in a video, she’s always happy and enjoying her life. Even if she’s tired or sick, she still interacts with her fans. She’s the one who takes time to write a blog, make a website, and all of this interaction just for us. I think what makes me the most influenced by her is that she always looks towards the positive sides of her life. Her smile really makes my mood lift; I can watch a Pentatonix video and get happy just from her smile. Tip; If I’m sad, just show me pictures of Kirstin and i’ll instantly feel better.

I love Scott’s attitude and leadership. Although I can’t connect (i’m a mess when someone isn’t there to boss me around), it helps me to understand the leader in the group. Whenever he is with fans, he never takes it for granted. If a fan needs something, he goes out of his way to do something for them (for example; going out to the buses every night after the tour concerts). He sacrifices so much for us. You can tell how much he appreciates his friends (aka Mitch) and the fans just from his smile and his attitude.

I love Kevin’s everything. Literally. He’s so talented, he’s insanely hilarious, he is positive, and he never takes anything for granted. Whenever I see him, he’s doing something different in his life; it inspires me to do something with mine. Like Kirstin, he has a lot of positivity. If someone asked me for my role model, I would probably say Kevin because he’s amazing. I focus on him during music videos because damn… he is talented. When I went to the Pentatonix concert, my mouth was gaping when I saw him play his cello and beatbox and the same time; he can do all of that live!

I love Avi’s attentiveness. In interviews, he doesn’t talk much. But, I can notice that he actually listens and takes in what people have to say. Whenever he’s not flirting with Mitch (I laughed at my own joke), he’s using his silence as a tool to learn more. As a person who doesn’t talk a lot, I realize through him that silence isn’t always bad (he isn’t shy, but I pretend like he is so I can relate somewhat). He needs to get a Snapchat though.



I can’t choose a favorite! I love them all equally! But if I had to choose one to live with, it would have to be Avi or Kirstie



@ptx-heidi This is like the best description of all of them!! :purple_heart:



Kirstin of course! I always thought she was very pretty and the Digital Love part is my favorite from Daft Punk, which was the first PTX song ive ever listened to. I also have a high preference for theatre-like voices if that makes sense? Like, strong belts and diction. And then after reading her blogs, I realized that I related to her a lot!

Mitch is a very close second though, and he was probably my favorite for a while :slight_smile: He’s really funny and sings well and is also quite pretty/cute. And I have a folder of some of my favorite/most relatable tweets from him on my phone…

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Same!!! Absolute same! I’m definitely a Scott girl :joy:

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For me it depends. :joy:
Avi and Kevin would definitely be my favourite to really get to know and hang out with.
Kirstin because she’s so empowering and inspiring.
Mitch in a way is just awesome, I think you probably know what I mean. :grin:
And Scott is just this cute bundle of positivity, sunshine and zest for life.
They are all great but the one I fangirl the most about is Avi. :blush:
Greetings, Dani from Austria



honestly I can’t decide, I love them all so much