Who's Excited? Boo-yeah! #Eclipse


Solar eclipse guys! Some people at school are skipping while others have to stay at school and I have to stay so my school will announce when we’ll be leaving and the entire school will go see it together. Right now, it’s half started. I’m excited! We have the glasses and it’ll be badass! The classes had to be shortened because of it


My parents forced me to go, so all we did was watch movies :joy:


Why didn’t you go and see it? It was truly a sight to see!


I did see it. I was forced to go to school (I have to walk a 1/2 mile to get to a class in 10 minutes)


It was an amazing sight. The 360 degree sunset was unreal.


I actually had the whole day off. They made it a holiday here in SC. My faimly and I watched it together. It was so cool! It’s all we talked about in Science today :joy: