Wish Haul (do i like what I see?...)


I watched a youtube video where a woman named Safiya Nygaard bought the first 5 free items she found on Wish (a site where you can buy heavily discounted things).

That video gave me an idea. I looked on the site myself but nothing seemed to be free. So I decided that it would have to be the first 5 items $5 or under. I cannot/ don’t want to actually buy the items. But I thought it would be fun for me to put a picture of the products on here and tell you whether I would buy the product or not.

Item 1- Dermacol concealer ($2)

Wish 5

Based on the fact that I don’t wear much make-up, I probably would not buy this product. It has a nice range of shades so I could probably find one to suit my skin colour.

Item 2- A rose necklace ($2)

Wish 4

I do not wear necklaces often, so again I probably wouldn’t buy this. I could buy it for a special occasion. But I don’t really like the look of this necklace. I don’t like the long stem and feel like it wouldn’t be comfortable. However the rose is quite pretty.

Item 3- Santa silverware holders ($2)

Wish 3

These are cute. I could see myself buying these, but only for Christmas dinner of course!

Item 4- Hoop earrings ($2)

Wish 2

I do not think I would buy these. They are pretty but too big and bold for me. Plus, I do not like wearing cheap earrings as they can hurt my ears. Come to think of it, I haven’t worn earrings in a while.

Item 5- Silver heart wedding ring ($1.90)

Wish 1

This is a pretty ring but I would not get it as a wedding ring. I would like something of a higher value to tie the knot. I don’t really like the position of the heart, in fact I think it would look better without it there at all.

If you want to you can say whether you would buy the products.


Oh ma gawd yaaaasss, the santa one thooooo